These Amputees Have A Great Sense Of Humor – These Amputees Are Awesome | Guff

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There’s no doubt that losing a limb is a traumatic experience. Suddenly, you go from having four limbs to having three, and it certainly takes a toll on a person’s psychological wellbeing. When a person loses a limb, it’s similar in many aspects to coping with a death. There’s loss, and there’s grief. Amputees often go through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance and hope. Although, for anyone who has lost something or someone, you already know that going through these stages isn’t neat and tidy. You don’t progress to one step after another. Sometimes you backslide and regress to denial. Sometimes you skip ahead to depression, then back to anger. It’s a messy and complicated process, and that is why losing a limb can be excruciatingly difficult.

However, the people you’re about to see made the best of a bad situation. We should all aspire to have great senses of humor like these people. Take this guy, Josh Sundquist, for example. He lost his left leg to cancer when he was young, but he went on to become a Paralympic athlete and a motivational speaker…and the most hilarious guy at Halloween parties.

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