A Student Destroyed A Classmate’s Pottery Project And The Internet Called Her A ‘Hero’ – What Would You Do? | Guff

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1. What Would You Do?
Hey, art can be anything. Really, it can be anything. Have you been to a museum lately? They sometimes frame scribbles on the wall and they call that art, and you pay a ton of money for it. Where can we get in on that job? Somebody please let us know, because we’d really like to get a jump on that industry. But hey, maybe art can’t be anything. We’ll let you decide. What would you do if you were in art class, and you saw someone decorating their project with a swastika? What if you saw them sneak the words “IsIs” into their work? What about a confederate flag? Would you say something? Would you say hey, that’s just art? Or would you be a little bit worried about what was going on?

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2. No Class In Art Class
One first response was tweeting about it. In 2017, a teen named Brigitte Yasamin from Washington State was in her high school art class working on a project, when she noticed something unusual. A classmate sitting next to her was painting a confederate flag on her ceramic box. Not down with it, Brigitte took matters into her own hands. Obviously, Yasamin thought that it wasn’t art

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3. Here Is Some Proof
So yeah, who did she turn to? Twitter of course! She tweeted a picture of the offensive project for all to see. If you saw this on Twitter, what would you do? Would you retweet it? Would you comment? Would you tap your neighbor and say hey, look at this crazy thing that this person is making? Well, in real life, Yasamin really took matters into her own hands. We mean like, literally took them into her own hands. And you might or might not agree with what she did, even if you agree or don’t agree with what she was making.

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4. One Step Further
But then Brigitte went one step forward. She “accidentally” smashed the project onto the floor. She made sure to tweet that as well in order to show the aftermath.

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5. No Sympathy For Racists
Nobody’s got time for racists! And nobody’s got sympathy for them, either! So, did she get in trouble for destroying her classmates project? Serious trouble?

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